press _ « The dream factory: CushmoK’s gothic reveries – in pictures « 

Once upon a timeWhat a surprise tonight …
The number of subscribers to my count flickr and twitter explodes! Many mails received … and the number of visits to the site is multiplied by 100 … something happens!

Search on Google .. Found! An article on « The Guardian » …  Ravi 🙂
They have tapped into the press file, and in my site .. Astonishing details they have put forward ..

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Detail of the press file (thanks to SR for translation) :

Me ?

42-year-old amateur photographer and experimenter who lives in Charentes.

My photographic practice is multiple whether with analogue photography, digital photography or even in themes.

I mainly work on dreamlike surreal series.

I like to mix these productions with my taste for plastic work, my past experiences in street art and my liking for « craft ».

However, « street photography » is very important to me, so I rarely move without my camera at hand.

Hous’Us ?

These photographs are from a series -Hous’us- which now includes nearly thirty productions.

It is systematically structured on:

– A constraint of place, the same space, the same room. The viewing angles may vary.

– A black and white shot. Free formats, occasional constructions in diptych or triptych.

– A single figure wearing a mask. It corresponds to a self-portrait.

– A work in post-production with Photoshop to add elements is possible. However, the vast majority of « effects » is physical.

These rooms, like windows on tall buildings, are a hint to the life of their inhabitants. Interiorities, free spaces on one’s person, dreams: trying to capture the diversity of thoughts contained in these always identical walls.

« Visual artist, I conceive this series like the scenes of a small theater, where the objects are very important, where the dark fights with the light… like photographing some small dreamlike sculptures. « 

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